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Wagner Spray Tech Review

The Wagner Spray Tech All-in-one Wagner Power Tex powered texture sprayer features a built-in turbine with ample power to spray texture to the whole ceiling, yet simple enough for small touch-up jobs. Contains one-gallon hopper, three nozzles (small, medium, and large), cleaning brush, and lubricant.No separate air compressor or air hoses needed!

The Wagner Spray Tech features a large, one-gallon, two-position hopper that can be quickly configured for spraying either ceilings or walls without the need for adapters.Featuring Wagner’s Lock-N-Go Technology, the Power Tex is easy to set up and clean anywhere–no tools required. Assembly takes just minutes.

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The Wagner Power Tex includes a variable-flow trigger for producing professional-looking textures: Acoustical Popcorn, Knockdown, and Orange Peel finishes. Even a complete novice when it comes to drywall textures can end up with a great looking paint job.There is a learning curve and you get better with practice.

Here are some great features of the Wagner Spray Tech:

* Power texture sprayer for walls and ceilings
* Applies popcorn, orange peel, and knockdown textures on walls and ceilings
* Powerful air turbine and 1-gallon adjustable hopper for fast coverage of large surfaces
* Includes 3 spray nozzles, 1-gallon adjustable hopper
* Weighs less than 5.7 poundsBuy Now Amazon

The Wagner Spray Tech is the ticket for small repairs or spraying small rooms. When installing the hopper you can plug it into the gun oriented in either direction and turn it left or right for ceilings or walls and it locks. The Power Tex makes easy, a job that pros charge you $60 an hour.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Wagner Spray Tech:

Wow. Will never go back to the canned texture spray again! Sprayer was VERY easy to clean. I don’t think fondly of a lot of Wagner products, but they hit a home run on this one. Took some time to make sure my thickness of my texture “batter” was right and did a few trials outside. Once I was satisfied, I moved inside and completely textured my 8×10 bathroom. Worked great.

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