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Wagner Power Painter Tutorial

In this Paint Sprayer Reviews demo and video tutorial, we’ll be looking at the Wagner Optimus Paint Sprayer. This model is a small hand held electric sprayer that works great for the occasional use homeowner, and also as a convenient touch up gun for the contractor.

Easy to use and quick to clean, these little cup-gun sprayers ( note: cup gun is what I refer to these as, but technically a cup gun is a spray gun attached to a cup used in conjunction with an air compressor) are convenient and work well for small jobs where an ultra-smooth finish is not really needed.

Wagner Power Painter Tutorial

They can also be used for larger areas, but only as an occasional use tool. Fences, shutters and doors are ideal projects for this little machine. I like the Wagner because it can be set up for use in a few minutes, and the whole sprayer can be cleaned in less than 15 minutes making it very convenient in lots of circumstances.

Another great feature of this model is the dual spray tip technology. This tip allows you to cover more area with less overspray and less chances for runs or other flaws from excessive build up.

In the video demo for Paint Sprayer Reviews, a Wagner representative shows you all the contents that it ships with, how to set it up, and he explains all the features and functions.

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