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Wagner Power Painter Review

The Wagner Power Painter Max with Optimus Dual-Tip design creates a vacuum effect between the tips, which draws more paint particles into a single spray distribution than single-tipped sprayers. Result is Even paint coverage, less overspray, and better control.Because of its built-in electronic four-speed control, you can use the Power Painter Max to spray a variety o f surfaces and materials with just one tool.

Powerfully built, the Wagner Power Painter Max lets you spray up to 7.2 gallons per hour, making fast work of big projects. Power Painter Max’s soft-grip handle provides all-day comfort for larger painting projects, and the sprayer’s lightweight construction allows for comfortable one-handed operation. The Power Painter Max sets up in less than five minutes. Cleanup takes less than ten minutes with the included cleaning brush.

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The Wagner Power Painter is great for small jobs. For the price and the ease of clean up it’s a winner.

Here are some great features of the Wagner Power Painter
* Optimus Dual Tip Technology provides even coverage, less overspray and more control
* 1.5 quart cup – 7.2 GPH(gallons per hour)
* Draw directly from cup or can with 6 foot remote suction tube
* Backpack for maximum mobility

* Electronic 4-speed control for spraying large surfaces and detail work such as trim

Put it on number four, the highest speed, and turn the volume up to the max. That way you are taking advantage of the 7.2 gph power to get a real fine mist, especially with latex, which is what makes spray painting look good.Buy Now Amazon

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Wagner Power Painter:

I’ve been using Wagner Power painters for nearly 30 years now and have yet to be disappointed, this one seems to be no exception. I had an old aluminum awning and I figured that would be a good test for the power painter. Bottom line was it went very well. All told, it took about an hour and a half to pull the awning up to a work area, break out the power washer and clean it up, put the power washer away, set up the painter, paint the awning, clean up the painter and put it away. Overspray was a lot less than I expected.

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