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Wagner 0515034 ProCoat Stand Airless Paint Sprayer Review

The Wagner ProCoat 2800 is a one-half horsepower motor piston pump power paint sprayer whose 2800 psi makes it the perfect machine for large jobs using heavy coatings, such as latex, stains and sealers, oil-based paints. This professional grade sprayer pulls coatings directly from either one gallon or five-gallon containers for extra convenience.

A 35 foot high-pressure airless hose is included with this power spray system and it is capable of using a 100-foot hose, which is available as an accessory for this system. Painters will appreciate the handle on the body of the pump housing (that allows for easy portability) and the swivel handle on the professional grade spray gun.

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This power paint sprayer system includes a reversible airless 515-spray tip; the system supports close to a 0.015 airless spray tip and swivel. An inlet valve pusher allows the sprayer to be primed rapidly. This easily operated and cleaned contractor grade power sprayer is suitable not only for professional use, but also for the do-it-yourself weekend warrior.

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Wagner ProCoat 2800 Features and Specifications

  • Sprays a gallon of paint in 5 minutes
  • Draws paint directly from the paint can (one gallon or five gallon)
  • Sprays oil-based paints, thick latex, stains and sealers.
  • 35′ high pressure airless spray hose
  • Use up to 100′ of spray hose on this sprayer
  • Handle for easy transport around paint project
  • Rugged Sprayer with commercial grade metal spray gun
  • 35′ airless spray hose
  • Reversible airless spray tip size 515
  • Supports up to a .015 airless spray tip and includes a gun swivel
  • Inlet Valve pusher for quick prime
  • Adjustable pressure control for low overspray and variety of materials
  • Reversible spray tip allows quick clear out on any paint clogs
  • Ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping

Wagner ProCoat 2800 Reviews

Customers who have purchased this Wagner product say that it applies paint evenly with a consistent pressure. For them, it is easy to set up and easy to clean. They have successfully used this machine on projects such as home exteriors, barns, decks, and garage doors.

Other uses include refinishing lawn furniture, awnings, fences and playground equipment. Even those who had issues with clogs report that the reversible inlet valve easily resolves the issue. Customers have not reported any complaints with customer service. The Wagner ProCoat 2800 is the perfect tool for both paint contractors and the weekend warrior homeowners who enjoy home improvement projects.

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