Learn To Spray Paint Cars - Step By Step Guide

Setting Up the Jobsite Correctly

how to spray paint

In this “How To” series from Paint Sprayer Reviews I wanted to talk less about the various types of equipment, and more about the actual application of paint using an airless paint sprayer. When painting the exterior of any structure with an airless, having all the necessary sundry supplies and knowing how to use them … Read more

Wagner Power Painter Tutorial

Wagner Power Painter Tutorial

In this Paint Sprayer Reviews demo and video tutorial, we’ll be looking at the Wagner Optimus Paint Sprayer. This model is a small hand held electric sprayer that works great for the occasional use homeowner, and also as a convenient touch up gun for the contractor. Easy to use and quick to clean, these little … Read more

How to Clean Your Airless Sprayer

In this Paint Sprayer Reviews article we are going to go through the steps to properly cleaning your airless sprayer after each use. I think it’s important to note that in this post I’ll be referring to the steps for cleaning an airless sprayer, not an HVLP or a cup gun styled power painter. Although … Read more

Working With an Airless Sprayer

airless sprayer in use

As the owner and editor of Paint Sprayer Reviews, and after having spent over 30 years in the industry, I’ve researched and selected only the paint sprayers that I feel have the greatest overall rating and are reasonably priced. Purchasing a new spray pump can be a real time saver for most painting projects as … Read more

Backrolling Rough Stucco

Paint Sprayer Reviews “How To” series: Painting and backrolling stucco with an airless sprayer… Using a paint sprayer is fast and can save a lot of time. However, often times quality can definitely be lost when spraying textured or rough surfaces like stucco. The problem is because the spray pump will apply the paint, but … Read more

Paint Sprayer Reviews Fuji HVLP Demo

Fuji HVLP Demo

Here at Paint Sprayer Reviews we are big fans of the HVLP sprayer when it is used for the right applications. With spray technology getting better and better, the HVLP sprayer is now replacing conventional spray guns in lots of shops and job sites as the preferred spray method for fine finish work. With its … Read more