Learn To Spray Paint Cars - Step By Step Guide

Setting Up the Jobsite Correctly

In this “How To” series from Paint Sprayer Reviews I wanted to talk less about the various types of equipment, and more about the actual application of paint using an airless paint sprayer. When painting the exterior of any structure with an airless, having all the necessary sundry supplies and knowing how to use them is crucial to ensuring a good job.

how to spray paint

Getting the paint on the wall is only part of the equation because keeping paint off of surfaces that are not supposed be painted is just as important!

Properly preparing for spray application can make the job move along very fast, tend to look better, and eliminate the headaches associated with cleaning overspray after you’re done. Some painters get sucked into the idea that it’s just as easy to clean up rather than to mask and cover first.

Generally, this is a bush league mistake that does nothing more than reflect an unprofessional image and almost always ends up being more difficult and time consuming to clean than originally thought. So, please take it from me and dont make the same rookie mistakes I made.

In this very good video below you’ll find some great tips on tools to have on hand before you spray, what type of drops, tape, shields etc. I like these guys so I’ve used their demo on Paint Sprayer Reviews… and I think you will too. Enjoy!

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