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New Features for the Wagner Power Painter

In this “How To” series of Paint Sprayer Reviews we’re going to take a closer look at the Wagner Power Painter Sprayer. These small spray guns are designed for small jobs, touch-ups, or occasional use for slightly larger jobs like siding, soffits and overhangs, etc. It’s very easy to use, easy to clean and is the perfect tool for homeowners, property maintenance personnel or even the professional contractor when breaking out the bigger spray pump just doesn’t make sense.

The Wagner Power Painter has been the standard for this type of sprayer for many years and this particular model, with all of the features demonstrated in the video has really improved and evolved from the early years. The Dual Tip technology is great because it allows the gun to spread a greater volume of paint per minute over a slightly larger area with much better coverage than before.

Another very cool design feature is the flexible pick-up tube within the attached paint cup. Other power painters have always used a rigid plastic tube to draw paint from the cup into the gun. But as you’ll see from the demo, the flexible tube allows the pick-up filter to follow the paint no matter what angle you have to tilt the gun. This allows you to use more of the paint inside the cup before having to refill it.

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