Learn To Spray Paint Cars - Step By Step Guide

Setting Up the Jobsite Correctly

how to spray paint

In this “How To” series from Paint Sprayer Reviews I wanted to talk less about the various types of equipment, and more about the actual application of paint using an airless paint sprayer. When painting the exterior of any structure with an airless, having all the necessary sundry supplies and knowing how to use them … Read more

Wagner Power Painter Tutorial

Wagner Power Painter Tutorial

In this Paint Sprayer Reviews demo and video tutorial, we’ll be looking at the Wagner Optimus Paint Sprayer. This model is a small hand held electric sprayer that works great for the occasional use homeowner, and also as a convenient touch up gun for the contractor. Easy to use and quick to clean, these little … Read more

Wagner Spray Tech Review

Wagner Spray Tech Review

The Wagner Spray Tech All-in-one Wagner Power Tex powered texture sprayer features a built-in turbine with ample power to spray texture to the whole ceiling, yet simple enough for small touch-up jobs. Contains one-gallon hopper, three nozzles (small, medium, and large), cleaning brush, and lubricant.No separate air compressor or air hoses needed! The Wagner Spray … Read more

Wagner Paint Crew Plus Review

Wagner Paint Crew Plus

The Wagner Paint Crew piston pump paint sprayer is the ultimate house painting tool! It delivers the professional performance, versatility and spray pattern of a high-priced contractor unit at a fraction of the price. The unit maintains pressure as well as an air compressor would. The high quality sprayer nozzle delivers a micro-aerosolized output that … Read more

Wagner Power Painter Review

Wagner 0525002 Power Painter Max with Optimus

The Wagner Power Painter Max with Optimus Dual-Tip design creates a vacuum effect between the tips, which draws more paint particles into a single spray distribution than single-tipped sprayers. Result is Even paint coverage, less overspray, and better control.Because of its built-in electronic four-speed control, you can use the Power Painter Max to spray a … Read more