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Black & Decker BDPH400 SmartSelect HVLP Sprayer Review

Black and Decker has really made the grade with their SmartSelect HVLP sprayer. A High Volume/Low Pressure sprayer like this can help you complete big spraying projects fast.

It can handle any kind of free flowing paint and stain, and can get the job done 4X faster than using traditional rollers. The SmartSelect spray tip allows you to select from horizontal, vertical, and round spray patterns.

It comes complete with a 20 foot hose so that you don’t have to walk around with the unit as much to get your painting done. And, when it’s time for a paint or stain refill, the Easy Fill canister allows you to do it very quickly.

This is a corded electric sprayer, so having an extra extension cord to go along with the purchase would be a good idea. This sprayer weighs a total of 8.2 lbs, but the hose and spray attachment are very light, making it possible to paint all day without fatigue.

Let’s take a closer look at the features so you can see what you get at a glance:

Product Features:

  • High Volume/Low Pressure Functionality
  • 3 SmartSelect Adjustable Flows – Round, Horizontal, And Vertical
  • EasyFill Paint Canister
  • 20 Foot Hose
  • Thinning/Pour Assist Bucket
  • 2 Year Warranty

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  • It’s possible to paint your whole house with a sprayer like this – Don’t underestimate the power of this HVLP sprayer
  • Build quality and performance of this sprayer is top notch – It’s also super easy to refill with the side-fill canister – You don’t even have to remove it from the sprayer to fill it!
  • Included 20 foot of hose is more than enough to give you the space you need to complete large jobs
  • As long as you cover up areas you don’t want painted and watch out for overspray, this is a great sprayer to use
  • Beats the heck out of using a paintbrush or rollers to get the job done – This sprayer is 4x as fast!
  • Over the last few years, the quality of HVLP sprayers has improved substantially

Be sure to clean this sprayer thoroughly sometimes during and after use – Otherwise, you won’t get as good of results when you try and use it again


  • Doesn’t work great with really thick paints
  • Doesn’t hold a whole lot of material in the canister – Then again, not a lot of HVLP sprayers do

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