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Backrolling Rough Stucco

Paint Sprayer Reviews “How To” series: Painting and backrolling stucco with an airless sprayer…

Using a paint sprayer is fast and can save a lot of time. However, often times quality can definitely be lost when spraying textured or rough surfaces like stucco. The problem is because the spray pump will apply the paint, but it tends to lay on the surface of the substrate rather than fully penetrating all the cracks and crevices that are inherent with a rough masonry wall.

Sometimes there’s just no substituting hand application. A real human being physically applying the paint allows the material to get pushed into these cracks, pin holes and textured areas that simply cannot be filled by spray application. This is where the technique known as back-rolling comes into play. Back-rolling is where the painter uses the sprayer to get the paint onto the wall, but then goes over all of it with a roller. This gives us the best of both worlds because we are saving time by using the airless to apply it, while still working it into the textured substrate with a paint roller.

In this video you’ll find an excellent demonstration of back-rolling stucco after applying the paint with an airless pump. Paint Sprayer Reviews always recommends back-rolling when dealing with a rough or textured stucco surface.

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